(Update 1/12/2015)

Look who hired me NB!

I take immense pleasure and pride in announcing that I have accepted the position of Social Media and Marketing Manager with Brainworks Marketing here in Moncton, New Brunswick.

My three main goals of 2014 were:

  1. Complete my MBA at the Université de Moncton
  2. Earn my Certified Training Practitioner professional designation through CSTD
  3. Accept a full time position with a company I would be passionate about

As of December 30th I had checked off my first two goals but was beginning to resign myself to carrying over the third to 2015. Enter Brad LeBlanc, Chief Creative Officer of Brainworks Marketing. In a whirlwind of introduction, meeting, and interview I applied for and accepted my new position before the ball dropped in Times Square. Last Monday was my first day.

From social media strategy and graphic design to project management and customer relations, the role is an ideal fit for my diverse skill set. I am excited to be joining this energetic team of creatives and look forward to working for a company whose primary goal is the success of its clients.

Thank you NB, for helping me toward my goal. I truly appreciate all of your support and I am thrilled to be able to continue making New Brunswick my home.



*Original Home Page Message*

Do you need a versatile Manager with both an MBA and real world experience? A Regional Marketing Manager, Corporate Trainer, or eLearning Developer?

Hire me.

Do you want to wow clients with compelling PowerPoints?  Entice customers with distinctive marketing? Develop staff through engaging training?

Hire me.

Are you a New Brunswick company in need of some southern charm and ingenuity?

Hire me NB and let me help grow your business with over a decade of big-box retail management and training experience with Borders Books & Music (The US version of Chapters).

I am a PMI Certified Associate Project Manager and a CSTD Certified Training Practitioner.

A Kentucky native, I have just completed the MBA program at the Université de Moncton. Over the past three years New Brunswick has welcomed me as a student and I would love to continue to make it my home. I have recently received my Post-Graduate Work Permit and am seeking employment in New Brunswick that I will be passionate about.

Hello NB, my name is Kathryn Basham. Nice to meet you.

Hire me.


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