V&A Website and Promotional Materials

I recently developed branding and promotional materials along with an accompanying website for the consulting company Vandenburg & Associates. V&A helps organizations describe what competence means for clients or staff, develop measurement methods, and confirm competence using the most current insights in assessment, technology, learning theory & communication.

I designed their brochure, website, and banner display to highlight their slogan and three core areas of commitment; Competence Clarified & Confirmed. The bullseye, eye glasses, and caliper images were chosen to help illustrate these abstract concepts.

You can download a PDF of the brochure from the V&A website vandenburg.ca


Banner Header (Click image to see full banner)

banner header



V&A Brochure Front

V&A Brochure Back


Logo Polo and T-Shirt

V&A Polo ShirtV&A T Shirt