Made in Canada

Ok Canada, I will give you most of these. From 5 billion  Swedish fish a year to minting coins for 60 different countries, there truly are some amazing facts included in the Readers Digest CA slide show “13 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Canada.” New Brunswick even makes the list twice with French fries and cymbals.


However, as a Louisville native, I cannot agree with number 3 on the list.


Nope, no way. I have embraced many changes in my quest to become a Canadian and New Brunswicker; that when I order tea in a restaurant it will be either hot or from a soda fountain (and not the iced, sweet tea of the south); that I will use far more Us when spelling than I ever did before and learn to recite the alphabet X,Y,Zed; and that the snow plow is both my best friend and worst enemy. As a Louisville native though, it is going to be a hard sell to convince me that Louisville Sluggers are not the world’s best baseball bats. Besides, at 120 feet tall, our giant bat is twice the size of this one!

What other awesome things are made in New Brunswick that I don’t know about? Fill me in @hiremenb on Twitter!