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The article linked above is part of a special feature in this week’s The Coast about local education and employment options. Although the majority of the feature focuses on Halifax and Nova Scotia, the Université de Moncton was included and I was asked to speak about my experience in their MBA program and how it influenced the creation of my hiremeNB campaign. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to share my story and my desire to live and work in New Brunswick.

The timing for this article was perfect, as I just this week received my diploma, and The Coast’s questions prompted me to reflect on my experience.

Below are the 10 questions I was emailed for the feature and my full response.

1) What pushed you do go from Kentucky to taking an MBA at UdeM?
2) What was the most challenging part of the program?
3) What did you get the most personal satisfaction/fulfillment from while enrolled at UdeM’s MBA program?
4) How did your MBA help you launch your website?
5) How do you see hiremeNB.ca being more successful than a standard resume/online portfolio?
6) How has the website been received so far?
7) Tell me about a time during your program at UdeM that you’ll never forget.
8) If you had any advice for future students looking to do an MBA, what would you tell them?
9) What is your dream job?
10) Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have over a decade of experience in retail management and training, with an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Marketing. Thinking about returning to school I realized it was the perfect chance to bolster my real world experience with a foundation of business strategy and analysis. I wanted to gain a more complete perspective that would help broaden my opportunities.

In 2011, with the closing of my employer Borders Books & Music in the US, the timing was right for me to make a change and I moved from Kentucky to New Brunswick. The MBA program at the Université de Moncton stood out as the right fit for my goals, with the added bonus of learning French.

My first course in the MBA program, Marketing Strategies, was a subject I was passionate about because of my interest in visual communication. Going forward I sought to enhance both my theoretical and practical knowledge of Marketing throughout all aspects of my studies. In developing my hiremeNB.ca campaign I focused on using the tools learned during my MBA, combined with my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Captivate, to create not just an online portfolio but a brand for myself. Instead of a static resume my goal was to create a platform that both showcases my skills and acts as record of my job search process for others.

hiremeNB.ca has been a great conversation starter and wonderful experience. It has been well received and I am grateful for all of the support I have gotten. Through other websites such as CreativeResumes.net that have run features on hiremeNB.ca, to local entrepreneurs and recruiters, and even CBC Information Morning Moncton, I have met engaging people who have reached out and helped tell my story.

One of the learning methods used by the Université de Moncton is collaborative learning through group discussion, project work, and presentations. One of the challenges of their MBA program, because it is comprised predominately of adult learners, is the coordination and time management needed to organize and complete group work. The final result, however, from a truly collaborative team makes it all worthwhile.

The moments I will always remember from my program occurred when a team I was working with came together to create a case study or analysis and the accompanying presentation that was better than any of us could have constructed on our own. It is these adaptive skills of critical analysis that makes the process of the MBA program so important and that I feel gave me the most sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I am grateful to my classmates through whom I learned so much.

The advice I would give future MBA students is that the program and process of learning is as much about the people you meet and work with as it is the courses themselves. Network early and make the effort to build lasting relationships with both your fellow students and professors. As an MBA student you have the opportunity to interact with and learn from a diverse mix of professional backgrounds and lay the groundwork for future business connections. With the Université de Moncton I was excited to find an internationally diverse classroom as well, and enjoyed the additional perspectives of students from China and Africa.

I am looking now to join a team that is as passionate about continuous learning and customer service as I am, a team that will celebrate with me when I create the perfect presentation for a project, and a team that that’s ready for me to help them grow. My dream job is less about the job title and more about finding the role in which I can best utilize my unique skill set of management and training experience, visual communication and graphic design aptitude, and now my MBA. I recently received my Post-Graduate Work Permit and am seeking employment that I will be passionate about.

More information about my social media, job search campaign as well as my portfolio, examples of recent work, and contact information can be found at hiremeNB.ca. Additionally you can follow me on twitter @hiremenb.

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