A hiremeNB Guide to Design Basics

cover of handout
With graduate courses usually calling for several PowerPoint presentations each that account for a large percentage of the overall marks, it is an asset for students to be able to create engaging presentations that allow them to communicate effectively. Most students, however, have never been given instruction on how to do this beyond simply being shown PowerPoint. During my MBA I often had other students asking how I put together my slides for presentations and many expressed interest in learning themselves. This past summer I participated in Adobe’s Train the Trainer program which provided me with the wonderful experience of creating a training series that addressed this need. During the development of this training I realized that not every graduate student will want to become a design and Photoshop expert. Because of this, I identified key visual design principles and Photoshop functions, that could have the greatest impact on image enhancement and presentation quality, and used them to create the training.

The four design principles I selected to focus on were colour, text, white space, and balance. I created this 8.5 x 11, center fold handout to use within the training session, but also for students to have as a quick reference guide when designing slides. You can download a copy of the handout from the links below or check out examples of my PowerPoint presentations from my MBA courses here.


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