Made in Canada

Ok Canada, I will give you most of these. From 5 billion  Swedish fish a year to minting coins for 60 different countries, there truly are some amazing facts included in the Readers Digest CA slide show “13 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Canada.” New Brunswick even makes the list twice with French fries and cymbals.


However, as a Louisville native, I cannot agree with number 3 on the list.


Nope, no way. I have embraced many changes in my quest to become a Canadian and New Brunswicker; that when I order tea in a restaurant it will be either hot or from a soda fountain (and not the iced, sweet tea of the south); that I will use far more Us when spelling than I ever did before and learn to recite the alphabet X,Y,Zed; and that the snow plow is both my best friend and worst enemy. As a Louisville native though, it is going to be a hard sell to convince me that Louisville Sluggers are not the world’s best baseball bats. Besides, at 120 feet tall, our giant bat is twice the size of this one!

What other awesome things are made in New Brunswick that I don’t know about? Fill me in @hiremenb on Twitter!

Interactive Infographic

I always love hearing feedback on my projects, especially feedback that pushes me to try something different and improve on it.  Yesterday someone suggested that they would enjoy an interactive version of my New Brunswick Giant Objects infographic; one that they could view within a screen without needing to scroll throughout the skinny, long form version.

My first thought was to utilize the rollover function in Adobe Captivate, however, that function is not supported by their html5 publication. Instead the map is now embedded with click boxes that allow the viewer to click on the small size object icon to learn more about it.

Click the image below to check out the new interactive version.

Which version do you prefer?  Let me know on Twitter @hiremenb!

interactive infographic

A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick’s Giant Objects [Infographic]


A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick's Giant Objects

A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick’s Giant Objects

One of the things that continues to delight me about New Brunswick is its obsession with over-sized statuary of animals and everyday objects.  I was amazed when I started searching to see just how many there are around the province. I counted at least 22!

From seafood and instruments to a dapper veggie and migrating fruit, I’ve included a few of my favorites in this infographic guide. I chose the bright colors and cartoon style to convey my childlike joy at seeing these creatures dotting the landscape.

Which other New Brunswick giants would you have included?

Click here to download a full size PDF of the infographic.

V&A Website and Promotional Materials

I recently developed branding and promotional materials along with an accompanying website for the consulting company Vandenburg & Associates. V&A helps organizations describe what competence means for clients or staff, develop measurement methods, and confirm competence using the most current insights in assessment, technology, learning theory & communication.

I designed their brochure, website, and banner display to highlight their slogan and three core areas of commitment; Competence Clarified & Confirmed. The bullseye, eye glasses, and caliper images were chosen to help illustrate these abstract concepts.

You can download a PDF of the brochure from the V&A website


Banner Header (Click image to see full banner)

banner header



V&A Brochure Front

V&A Brochure Back


Logo Polo and T-Shirt

V&A Polo ShirtV&A T Shirt








New Brunswick Landscapes

I can no longer count the number of times I’ve hiked the trails at Irishtown Reserve, stuck my toes in the sand at Parlee Beach, or just headed downtown here in Moncton to grab some sun or shade. Last summer I battled my first black fly. Last winter I finally admitted that the toque is my friend. Through it all though, I’ve encountered some stunning landscapes here in New Brunswick.

Borders Books & Music Borders

I found some great pictures of my home store in Louisville Kentucky a little while ago, that I posted on Facebook, and it made me look for some that I had taken during sorts as well. For you non-Borders alumni, a sort was the initial 3 to 4 week process of setting up a store and involved not only training the entire staff but physically putting the store together one book and shelf talker at a time. I opened three stores while with Borders;  #233 in Alameda, CA, #830 in Baton Rouge, LA, and #241 in Freehold, NJ. I’ve posted some pictures below from the Alameda sort to give an idea of the enormity of the process.

Each store offered its own puzzle to put together and although a challenging experience, it was a rewarding one as well. My area of focus was visual presentation and training new management teams on roles and procedures.  From coaching merchandising supervisors on how to read planograms for table and endcap displays to showing Inventory Managers best warehouse practices and how to manage a returns list, I loved helping new staff build their future store.

Borders 233 Alameda, CA

The Sorting Process

The Finished Store

CBC Information Morning Moncton

Tune in tomorrow at 6:45am! I’ll be speaking with host Jonna Brewer about hiremeNB and why I want to make New Brunswick my home. Wonderful people, great culture, gorgeous natural landscapes, and fresh innovation are just a few of the things I can think to mention. Tweet me @hiremenb and tell me why you love New Brunswick.

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