How to Turn Real Heads with a Virtual Presence

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I met Zach Brown, a Seattle based headhunter, last Friday during the Twitter chat OpenMicCareerChat (@OMCchat), a no-holds-barred career/job search chat for both recruiters and job seekers. As a job seeker, the advice and support I have gotten from this group of top notch recruiters and HR professionals has been wonderful.

My goal in creating hiremeNB for my career search, is to build a brand for myself that showcases both my skills and my individuality. In his latest blog post “Build Your Personal Brand If You Want To Reach Your Professional Goals”, Zach relates my development of as an example of how to “turn real heads with a virtual presence…”

Kathryn Basham has used her job campaign to make sure that someone who has never met her in person can feel comfortable forwarding along her video, her link, or her blog to anyone connected with the possibility of a job in Moncton. That is personal branding — building an impression in the minds of people that you have never met that will drive them to endorse or at least mention you.

He also muses on why someone would ever leave Bourbon Country for the Great White North. I considered titling this post “New Brunswick is Better Than Bourbon!” but was afraid my family might disown me! I may miss the bluegrass and bourbon sometimes but I have found a home in the province and people of New Brunswick that I am in no way ready to leave.

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Interview Time! [minigame]

I’ve had a great few weeks of coffee chats and interviews but I am still looking New Brunswick. Help me get ready for my next big interview by playing my new minigame, created with Photoshop and Captivate, and sharing it anywhere you think someone in your network might benefit from my unique skill set.

In this game you get to mix and match, paper doll style, to create the perfect interview outfit. Classy or crazy? Plaid or plain? Flying the NB flag or rocking the lobster? You decide. Put together your favorite or silliest outfit, snag a screenshot, and tweet it to @hiremenb.

Thanks NB! Click on the image below to play!
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CBC Information Morning Moncton

Tune in tomorrow at 6:45am! I’ll be speaking with host Jonna Brewer about hiremeNB and why I want to make New Brunswick my home. Wonderful people, great culture, gorgeous natural landscapes, and fresh innovation are just a few of the things I can think to mention. Tweet me @hiremenb and tell me why you love New Brunswick.

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#Hiremenb, when the presenter becomes the presentation

When we recently received Kathryn Basham’s presentation resumé we were not only struck by the clear and uncluttered form it takes, but also the emphasis it has on a location and not necessarily a pin-pointed company. It got us thinking. If we were to dissect every resumé that was sent to us for, to a certain degree behind every one there is this trait of location running through them. Sure the web is ubiquitous and graduate courses in digital studies are becoming more and more homogeneous, but we are increasingly seeing job seekers having as much love for the town, region or country they find themselves in as the skill they show…


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