Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the best things about being an American in Canada is gaining a second Thanksgiving. I’ve seen a lot of posts about the differences between American and Canadian Thanksgivings but, from experience, I can say they both still boil down to two things…pie and family, two things we should all find more time to celebrate.

So Happy Thanksgiving, again, New Brunswick. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to celebrate with you.


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A hiremeNB Guide to Design Basics

cover of handout
With graduate courses usually calling for several PowerPoint presentations each that account for a large percentage of the overall marks, it is an asset for students to be able to create engaging presentations that allow them to communicate effectively. Most students, however, have never been given instruction on how to do this beyond simply being shown PowerPoint. During my MBA I often had other students asking how I put together my slides for presentations and many expressed interest in learning themselves. This past summer I participated in Adobe’s Train the Trainer program which provided me with the wonderful experience of creating a training series that addressed this need. During the development of this training I realized that not every graduate student will want to become a design and Photoshop expert. Because of this, I identified key visual design principles and Photoshop functions, that could have the greatest impact on image enhancement and presentation quality, and used them to create the training.

The four design principles I selected to focus on were colour, text, white space, and balance. I created this 8.5 x 11, center fold handout to use within the training session, but also for students to have as a quick reference guide when designing slides. You can download a copy of the handout from the links below or check out examples of my PowerPoint presentations from my MBA courses here.


Click here to download a printable PDF of the handout

Click here to download a PDF of ordered pages

Interview Time! [minigame]

I’ve had a great few weeks of coffee chats and interviews but I am still looking New Brunswick. Help me get ready for my next big interview by playing my new minigame, created with Photoshop and Captivate, and sharing it anywhere you think someone in your network might benefit from my unique skill set.

In this game you get to mix and match, paper doll style, to create the perfect interview outfit. Classy or crazy? Plaid or plain? Flying the NB flag or rocking the lobster? You decide. Put together your favorite or silliest outfit, snag a screenshot, and tweet it to @hiremenb.

Thanks NB! Click on the image below to play!
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Interactive Infographic

I always love hearing feedback on my projects, especially feedback that pushes me to try something different and improve on it.  Yesterday someone suggested that they would enjoy an interactive version of my New Brunswick Giant Objects infographic; one that they could view within a screen without needing to scroll throughout the skinny, long form version.

My first thought was to utilize the rollover function in Adobe Captivate, however, that function is not supported by their html5 publication. Instead the map is now embedded with click boxes that allow the viewer to click on the small size object icon to learn more about it.

Click the image below to check out the new interactive version.

Which version do you prefer?  Let me know on Twitter @hiremenb!

interactive infographic

A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick’s Giant Objects [Infographic]


A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick's Giant Objects

A hiremeNB Guide to New Brunswick’s Giant Objects

One of the things that continues to delight me about New Brunswick is its obsession with over-sized statuary of animals and everyday objects.  I was amazed when I started searching to see just how many there are around the province. I counted at least 22!

From seafood and instruments to a dapper veggie and migrating fruit, I’ve included a few of my favorites in this infographic guide. I chose the bright colors and cartoon style to convey my childlike joy at seeing these creatures dotting the landscape.

Which other New Brunswick giants would you have included?

Click here to download a full size PDF of the infographic.