Borders Books & Music Borders

I found some great pictures of my home store in Louisville Kentucky a little while ago, that I posted on Facebook, and it made me look for some that I had taken during sorts as well. For you non-Borders alumni, a sort was the initial 3 to 4 week process of setting up a store and involved not only training the entire staff but physically putting the store together one book and shelf talker at a time. I opened three stores while with Borders;  #233 in Alameda, CA, #830 in Baton Rouge, LA, and #241 in Freehold, NJ. I’ve posted some pictures below from the Alameda sort to give an idea of the enormity of the process.

Each store offered its own puzzle to put together and although a challenging experience, it was a rewarding one as well. My area of focus was visual presentation and training new management teams on roles and procedures.  From coaching merchandising supervisors on how to read planograms for table and endcap displays to showing Inventory Managers best warehouse practices and how to manage a returns list, I loved helping new staff build their future store.

Borders 233 Alameda, CA

The Sorting Process

The Finished Store